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Hand sculpted and hand painted

Materials: Resin/acrylic/enamel paints

Cute phone grip accessories with a hand sculpted charm made by me.

Please note: some grips might arrive a little glossier than pictured. I photograph before I seal them since the clear varnish doesn’t let the detail show and creates too much light . And it’s put after to make sure the paint stays on as long as possible

Multi-functioning mount: stand, grip, and cable wrap
Provides more security when gripping device to prevent unexpected drops
Wrap cables and cords around the mount to prevent tangling and messy cables
Strong adhesive for easy installation
Expands up and down for ease of use and mobility

Please note: this phone grip is of a generic brand and the adhesive backing cannot be reapplied multiple times. It’s a one time use. I do offer a replacement adhesive in my shop you can add on to cart if you’d like to have a spare piece of backing.